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Steel pipe inspection
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Steel pipe inspection is commonly used method following:
(1) Appearance Inspection
Visual inspection of welded joints is a widely used procedure is simple but the test method is an important element of testing finished products, mainly found in the weld surface defects and size of the deviation. Usually by the naked eye, with the standard model, gauge and test tools such as magnifying glass. If the surface of the weld defects, weld defects there may be internal.
(2) physical methods of test
Physical examination is determined using some physical phenomena, or test methods. Internal defects in materials or parts of the inspection, are generally used NDT method. There are currently NDT ultrasonic flaw detection, radiation detection, penetration testing.
(3) the intensity of pressure vessel inspection
Pressure vessels, in addition to the tightness test, but also the strength test. Common water pressure test and pressure test two. They can work under pressure testing the container and pipe weld dense. Air pressure test is more sensitive than the pressure test and rapid, and test the products do not deal with drainage, drainage problems for the product is particularly applicable. But the test is more dangerous than a large pressure test. When tested, must comply with appropriate safety precautions, to prevent accidents during the test.
(4) compact test
Storage containers of liquid or gas welding, the weld is not dense defects, such as cross-cutting cracks, pores, slag, lack of penetration, and loose tissue, etc., can compact test to discover. Compact test methods are: kerosene test, set the water test, water will test and so on.
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