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Galvanized pipe manufaturing process
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Galvanized pipe sulfate electro-galvanized the ferroalloy process is the production trough perforation direct solution to bring out or overflow. Various production process from the circulatory system, the slot solution, alkali solution, plating solution, a light and passivation solution, only to recycle not to the outside leakage or emissions, the production line of five cleaning tank using the cyclic back with periodic emissions, in particular, the passivation is not cleaning no wastewater generated by the production process.
Galvanized pipe production technology is with the following production steps:
Round bar prepared to → heating → hot-rolled perforated cutting head → pickling → grinding → lubrication solution heat treatment of → cold rolling processing → degreasing → straightening → cutting tube → pickling → finished product testing.
Plating galvanized pipe with a wire plating all belong to the continuous electroplating, plating equipment. Wire with its slender strip features designed plating tank, the tank is long and wide but shallow. Wire from the hole piercing the plating was a shape in the surface to start and maintain a mutual spacing. Galvanized pipe, but is different from the wire, its unique slot equipment is more complex. Tank from the previous two parts composed of the upper part of the plating bath, the lower part for the circulation of the solution storage tank, the formation of narrow width, an upper-like, like the trapezoidal tank in the plating bath with galvanized plating running channel bottom there are two through-hole and the lower storage tank connected to the formation of the bath robin system, and liquid pumps. Galvanized pipe with wire plating, plating pieces are dynamic in nature, wire plating, plating galvanized pipe bath is dynamic.
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